Services & Rates

Full 60 minute session $75.00

Full 90 minute session $100.00

Relax and Restore


Personalized therapy for tense and achy areas within a flowing Swedish type massage.  The pressure used is up to you.  Jane can work with a medium hand or use a deeper pressure depending on your needs.  She can also be very gentle and work as light as a feather if that is your preference.

Specific problems relieved


 *headaches  *carpel tunnel *plantar fascitis *sciatica

Do you have problems turning your neck when driving?

Do your shoulders have full range of motion?

Is it uncomfortable to walk or climb stairs because of your knees, ankles or hips?

These are a few of the problematic issue that Jane can help relieve through trigger point therapy, stretches, brain to muscle reprogramming, and massage techniques.  The sooner you call, the sooner you will feel great again!

Nutrition Therapy for Muscles

Using the principles of Oriental medicine, we can discover if certain muscle groups are needing a specific

nutrient, enzyme or food to function properly.  Touch for Health Kinesiology muscle testing allows us to find what your body is wanting for optimal health and vitality.

Thoughts and Emotions Eased

Is there a situation, event or person that upsets you?


The wave of distress from obsessive thinking or upsetting emotions can be gently and easily diffused.  Acupressure tapping and intention statements can help to balance your feelings and make it much easier to think clearly about the distressing situation.  

Try it!  You will like it!